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The essence of the study of the role of insurance in economic development and prevent on how risk can be prevented and avoided in our present day activities. The presence of risk cannot be over emphasized in our nation hence; individuals business and society fail out the meaning of risk, the nature of risk. The researcher will also look at the process of risk and the process of managing risk. The researcher will also look at the process of risk control, retention, identification, evaluation, avoidance, prevention and transfer of risk and how much contribution have they made to the well being of the general public and particularly policy holders. The role of insurance in the economic development for young business, insurance should be crucial, cornerstone in risk management programs because it brings much to the table risk management monitor recently discussed some of the core benefits of risk management. Protection from financial loss for young business a multitude of things can go wrong from natural disaster to theft and burglary. Insurance can be a key tool in preventing financial losers in the early stages of the game better reputation new business are always looking for financial support, whether it is angel investors of banks, having insurance reflect well on the company and makes the owner look responsible which can help secure that necessary loan or investment insurance products entrepreneurs against unforeseen everyday threat whether its someone sleeping on their follows or getting their fingers famed in the door on the way out habit insurance helps entrepreneurs prepare for rest


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