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Soap is commonly cleaning agent well known to everyone, soap is a cleaning agent manufactured in granules, bar, flakes or liquid from obtained through the reacting salts of sodium or potassium from the various fatty acid that of natures origin (salt of non-volatile fatty acid). The materials used for carrying out this research work are stamp or stamping machine, nylon sheets, hand gloves, nose mask, measuring scale, mixer (plastic or metal but not aluminum container), a mould (plastic, wooden or metal), test tube and weigh balance. During the practical, chemical reagents were used and these are Caustic soda solution palm kernel oil (PKO), sodium sulphate, soda ash, water, perfume to taste and colorant. The results obtained from this study are as follows; the pH for bar soap and detergent were 11.3 and detergent 13.1 respectively, the alkali content of soap produced for sample was 2.36cm3 while that of detergent is 3.62 cm3, the color of the bar soap produced were creamy/ milky while that of detergent is white, the solubility in water for sample was soluble both in soap and detergent, lathering stability of the bar soap produced for sample was 2.36 cm3 while the detergent is 36.2cm3 and foam stability for sample of bar soap is 78% while for detergent is 92%. It was concluded that production of soap thus produced clearly indicated that volatile and moisturizing content of bar soap is higher than that of detergent.


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