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It has been said in the past years that the only way to launch a successful defense against insect pest population is through the use of synthetic insecticides. Mean while organic insecticides can be used. Organic insecticide is a pesticide that use only natural plant to kill insects. In many cases, organic materials are used to repel insects and can be made from a number of different plants but what people most appreciate about them is that they are relatively safe form of pest control compared to synthetic insecticides that endangers the ecosystem and one made from chemicals that can harm humans. Its environmental friendliness makes it a suitable insecticide and its cheapness makes it readily available to all sundry. This experiment also proved its efficiency as better than synthetic insecticides if well purified. It also contains some of the adverse effect suffered which are tabulated in the work. Moreover, insecticides made from natural plants are more effective than insecticides made from chemical sprays.


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