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Product development in commercial bank is a nonstop thing event that bankers do must all the time so that they can satisfy customers. In product development by commercial bank they must tackle and this problem makes it difficult for banks to introduce new product even old ones lack patronage because of the problem this problem after the level of income and also affect the profit of the commercial banks and banks in general. The customers most esteems don’t know more or at all about the new or old product of the bank and it make the product not to be patronized by the customers and the banks will be effects as well poor education affect the customers it means that they are not deviational wise on the bank product and also some bank staff/ banks don’t know how to equip their staff to help carry on the job of product development to their customers so that profit will be minimized. Finally due to poor handling of the product by bank by not puffing the product in the right track the product get small attention by their customers their by being poor profit to the bank.


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