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This work attempt to make comparative quality assessment of different branded vegetable oil on the basis of effects of industrial processes on the quality of various vegetable oil sold. This will also provide supportive information for routine quality monitoring of both sources of edible vegetable oils that are used as food stuff. Oil constitute one of the essential components of balanced diets as good source of energy as well as complementing the energy needs of the society as biodiesel. Oil that is contaminated for human consumption can be used in making biodiesel and plastics. In gram stain test, gram positive bacteria retain crystal violet dye, while a counter stain added after the crystal violet gives all gram negative bacteria a red or pink coloring. This test detects the presence of catalase which converts hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen. Small inoculums were picked from the culture plates and placed on a glass slide and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) was dropped on it. This test detects the pro-chrome c oxidase that is able to reduce oxygen and artificial electron acceptors. Conclusively, this research has been able to establish that all the vegetable oil analyzed show good physical and chemical quality show good physical and chemical quality of identity with minimal microbial contamination. It is hereby recommended that the various types of vegetable oil analyzed is good for consumption, there it should be consumed in normal quantity.


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