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Egusi are major food crop in sub-Saharan African and tropical regions. It is commonly known as melon seed and they are used in many dishes. Micro-organism inhibit and grow in them which gradually changes their quality. Egusi spoilage occurs when micro-organisms release their enzyme and absorbs in the nutrient of food. The result showed that various organisms like Staphylococccus aureus/spp, Klebsiella species, E.coli, Enterococcus feacalis, Shegella species and Proteus spp are involve with spoilt egusi. This was carried out using cultural morphological and biochemical methods. Test such as Sugar fermentation, Catalase, Oxidase, Indole, Gram stain, and Citrate test were used to isolate the organism. Hence, the consumption of these egusi sample contaminated with microbes may result in accumulation of microbes in the body which may lead to different problem.


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