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Banking industry in Nigeria has come of age. It started in 1894 by the statement of first bank of Nigeria. Since then the number of banks in Nigeria has been on the increase. In 1993, the guest for indigenous banking started and later in the decade natwnal bank was registered the flood gate for banks was opened with the affainment of independence. Merchant banks to off in 1964 with Nigeria industrial development bank. In 1992 to be precise. The government of babangida considered it necessary to license the community banks to help the retail banks penetrate into the interiors. Prior to than. It had not been possible for the banks to go to the interiors. This was a welcomed idea. My communities saw it as a challenge with the minimum capital base of N500,000 many communities can pull resource together and float one. The functioning of these banks has not been two encouraging due to the prevailing structure of fraud in the banking industry in the country. This work, therefore seeks for ways Ogui community has aided community development in it operations and environs.


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