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Decision-making can be viewed as the very fabric of which organized activities are made. This partly depends on the amount of information supplied to management. This study is aimed at finding out information supplied by the accountants through financial accounting. The study revealed the information derived from financial statement, the extent to which these accounting information can be used and also used in management decisions by business organizations. In reaching at our conclusion, a literature review was conducted and ratio analysis was used in analysis financial statements. The result of the study show that ratios analysed give one an idea of the financial status of an organization and financial statement are prepared in such a way that interested parties can interpret and derive the information necessary for their various needs. In further of the research objectives recommendations were made which when implemented, the researchers hope will be of help to management in making decisions using financial accounting information. This recommendations were based on research findings and should be noted that they are not exhaustive. In conclusion, the researchers believe that this study has achieved its pre-determined objective by identifying various ways by which the financial accounting information can be used in decision making and where there is good analysis and interpretation of financial accounting information it will lead to sound decision being made.


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