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Bank distress has been a predominant factor in the banking system of Nigeria since the early years of banking. This trend became noticeable in the industry with the failure of many banks in the early 90’s and late 90’s distress saga brought about the research work the evaluation of the impact of the Nigerian deposit insurance corporation (NDIC) the work is structured into a five chapter book for easy and comprehensive reading. The frist chapter deals with the background of the prevailing circumstance in the industry that necessitated the establishment of the deposit insurance scheme it further work on the reveal the various loopholes and bottlenecks of the supervisory authorities and also examine the impact of the regulatory and supervisory bodies (NDIC & CBN) at resolving the prevalent bank distress and failure. It also shows the extent and depth of distress the measurability of distress and also states the various distress resolute on option such as revocation of licenses increase and acquisition and financial assistance given to affected banks by the regulatory authorities. The materials and techniques used in acquiring the information needed for the research work were purely secondary data obtained through the reviews of journals newspaper past work by other students and seminars by well known academicians. Based on analysis of the data collected information leading to distress of banks were certified and most of the causes were also certified they were traced to be caused by institutional factors, political and economic factor similarly and were drawn from the major finding of the research work and adequate recommendation were made in line with the finding to enable readers who will find the work germane to the field and subsequently bring about animal or nonexistent of distress in the Nigeria financial system


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