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EFFECT OF Moringa oleifera AND Vernonia amygdalina LEAF EXTRACTS AGAINST FUNGAL INFECTION OF COWPEA ( Vigna unguiculate (L) Walp ) SEEDS


Cowpea seeds provide a rich source of proteins and calories as well as mineral vitamins. Bacterial and fungal pathogens play a negative role with regards the nutritional and economical value this import crop plant. Three fungi were isolated and identified as Aspergillus niger, Rlizoctonia sokani and mucor. Pathogenictly test confirmed the isolated fungi as the casual agent and the rot. Ethanolic leaf extracted Moringa oleifera and Vernonia amygdalina were used for the control and the pathogend. Vermons amygdahira and Moringa oleifera affecting controlled the mycelia growth and the pathogens. The three pathogens were completely inhibited by the two plant extractions. More researches are therefore recommended to see it when properly purified and well concentrated may be better and more effective than synthetic fungicites.


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