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Orange fruit is a common fruit that contains vitamin C. vitamin C as an essential nutrient needed by the body as vitamin C helps in the treatment of scurvy, cancer, cardiovascular disease and also help in brain functioning. In the course of the research work, two samples of orange fruit labeled sample A (pineapple Orange) and sample B (Mandarin orange) were analyzed of vitamin C and pH using titration method. Sample A value for vitamin C is 72.2mg/L while of sample B is 96.9mh/L. in terms of pH sample A is 5.0 and that of sample B is 5.5. According to WHO, (2009), the daily recommended vitamin C content that ought to be taken is 65 – 90mg while orange pH should be between 4 – 6; both sample (A and B) conform to WHO, (2009) value in terms of vitamin C and pH. Thus, the importance of vitamin C in humans should not be overemphasized.


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