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The production of cassava starch was examined and compared to all other types of starch like maize, potatoes, cereals etc. it was found that cassava starch is more suitable for the productions of many diverse products such as paper, textile and adhesive. In the paper industries, modified cassava starch is used in the wet stage of the paper making to flocculate the pulp, improving run rate and reducing pulp loss. It also helps in the coding and sizing of the paper. The textile industries make use of cassava starch in three stages of processing, to size the yarn to stiffing and to protect it during weaving and also in improving colour consistency during printing and to make the fabric durable and shining at finishing. Cassava starch are more viscous and smoother in working. They are fluid stable glues of neutral pH that can be easily prepared and can be combined with many synthetic resin emulsions. Conclusively, cassava starch is often preferred in adhesive production as the adhesives are more viscous, work more smoothly and provide stable glues of neutral pH that has clear paste.


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