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After a careful analysis of answer form the respondents the researcher discovered that the major problem militating against rural communities are as follows: lack of modern facilities like computer institution, lack of staff commitment, inadequate staff training for this purpose, unorganized internal structure of the bank, another problem of banking in rural communities is absence of adequate collateral security by borrower or customers collateral is some things that the bank is willing to hold against the loan it gives to its customers. The banking system has not been able to operate effectively particularly in the area of economic development because of the inadequacy of organized and developed stocks and securities markets like the stock exchange. Also another problem of banking in Nigeria is the mass illiteracy of the people particularly in the rural areas of the country. The localization of most of our banks in the cities constitutes a problem of its own because the illiterates in our rural areas willprefer to hoard or keep their money in their houses than going to the bank to deposit them. just for the obvious reason of not spending money in going to the bank to with draw or deposit money for one may not like to spend N50 for transport in going to the bank to withdraw or deposit N100.


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