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It is now generally reconvicted and accepted that banks play a catalytic role in the process of economic growth and development. In any society they are the engine of economic stimulation and growth. Thus, when there is bank failure in any economy, and economy become adversely affected. In this regard, the research carried out on this project work is BANK FAILURES IN NIGERIA; CAUSES< IMPLICATION AND REMEDIES. This study is structured into five inter dependent chapters to make for easy reading and comprehension. Chapter one consist of the introduction to the research work as well as the background of study, statement of problem, purpose of study, significance of study, limitation of study and the definitions of terms. Chapter two deals with the review of related literature. Chapter three contains the research design and methodology which is of paramount importance to the researcher. This chapter also consists of the source of data (secondary data only). Location of data also the method of data collection which requires literature work only. Chapter four deals with the findings of this research work and finally, Chapter five talks about the recommendations and conclusion drawn by the researcher so as to remedy the cause of bank failures in Nigeria. which has been a barrier to economic growth and development in our society and to the world at large.


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