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The subject of this research works is bank loan and credit collection in Nigeria. Their bank loan develop as an attempt to financials and agricultural sector in the country. And credit collection seems very important because the non repayment of lean or credit has led to so many distressed banks in view of the important roles banks play in economic development of a country it has become a matter of necessity for an in-depth research and the analysis of its help as well as its problems. The objective therefore is to find out the place of loan in banking operation the problem encountered to extent these problems have on banks and possible solution to these problems the research work has three to five chapters. Chapter one narrates the bank loan and credit collection. Chapter two deals with the overview of bank lending the types of loan available criteria for bank loan and importance of Nigeria economy. Chapter three also narrates the research design and methodology sources of data area of study and method used in collecting our raw data. Finally the conclusion on the research and recommendation made by the research and all in chapter four and five.


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