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Heavy metals are of serious concern because of their effects on humans. A total of six samples were purchased from Ozoro market. These samples were analyzed in the laboratory using UV spectrophotometeric method. The result obtained were: Arsenic, Ar (0.08±0.10, 0.03±0.00, 0.50±0.00), Lead, Pb (0.32±0.00, 0.31±0.10, 0.67±0.00), Cadmium, Cd (0.30±0.00, 0.36±0.00, 0.87±0.01) and Chromium, Cr (0.34±0.01, 0.32±0.00, 0.90±0.01) for sample A, B and C respectively. The heavy metal concentrations varied among the different species of sweet potatoes used in the practical, which may be attributed to differential absorption capacity of the sweet potatoes for different heavy metals. The concentration of Arsenic (0.50mg/100g) was observed to be the highest in sample C and low in sample B while sample A was 0.08mg/100g. The primary source of Arsenic in the area could be from of glass manufacturing, pesticides application and lubricating oils. The Cd and Pb concentrations in sample A, B and C were below the permissible limits set by FAO/WHO for human consumption. The levels of Cr, Ar also fall within the maximum permissible limit. It is therefore recommended that further research should be carried out on the phytochemical contents in sweet potato and awareness should be created on the health risk associated with the excess consumption of sweet potato.


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