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By Admin/Celebrities/Monday, June 29, 2020

Yahoo Boy Girlfriend Should Be Arrested Alongside With the Boyfriend:Says Idemudia Etinosa

Nigeria actress Etinosa Idemudia took a viral video to Instagram advising police officers on how to treat Yahoo boys' girlfriends anytime they intend to arrest any Yahoo boy or internet fraudster.
Yahoo Boy Girlfriend Should Be Arrested Alongside With the Boyfriend-Actress Idemudia Etinosa
Yahoo boys girlfriends are also fraudsters and should be arrested says Idemudia Etinosa. While on her statement, Idemudia Etinosa, boldly said why should the police leave internet fraudsters girlfriends knowing fully well that these girls also enjoy the money with these fraudsters? These boys should not be arrested alone if there should be any need to arrest but rather they should be arrested alongside with their honey girlfriends because these girls are in support of what these fraudsters are doing. See here for Nollywood most beautiful actress 2020 She said there is really no sense in leaving these so called girls to move around freely while their boy friends or internet fraudsters are been imprisoned. She also said, when the Yahoo boys were enjoying, the girls were always there by their side so why now should they be apart when there is police case? So, the Nigerian police should always arrest internet fraudsters alongside their babes. She further used herself as example that if she were to be Yahoo boy and was to be arrested as an internet fraudster her lover must also be picked up by security operatives because they both enjoy the money.
Yahoo Boy Girlfriend Should Be Arrested Alongside With the Boyfriend-Actress Idemudia Etinosa
In an indirect statement, Etinosa Idemudia made reference to Ray Hushpuppi’s girlfriend that was supposed to be arrested alongside.
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