Top 12 Most Adorable and Beautiful Actresses In Nigeria

Nuelson Penuel Thursday, May 11, 2023 Celebrities

In this post, I am going to share with you the list of 12 most adorable and beautiful actresses in Nigeria.

1. Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve I a notable Nollywood actress that is doing well in the movie industry. She has really worked hard and gotten many awards as a result of her contribution to the movie industry.
who is Genevieve Nnaji
She came from a family that is not poor neither have excess riches but can be classified as middle class people.
most beautiful actress in 2023
She studied at Methodist Girls College in Yaba and later continue her education at the University of Lagos in pursuit of theater arts degree. In terms of beauty, she's a gorgeous young lady that always draw the attention of every eyes that beholds her. She's not too far but have average body size and a very beautiful face and body stature. She was nominated as the most beautiful actress in the year 2022.

2. Adesua Etomi

Adesua is another Nollywood actress that is also doing well in the industry. She is fair in complexion, tall, slim, curvy and a well talented actress.
Nollywood most beautiful actress
She is married to a very popular Nigerian singer and also a politician known as Banky W.
how beautiful I adesua etomi
According to Banky confession, it was her beauty that attracted him to Adesua while he was in a concert. Aside being one of the most good looking Nollywood actresses in Nigeria, film producers frequently choose her not because of her beauty but her excellent acting skills. She has gotten various sponsorship and endorsement well.

3. Stephanie Okereke

how beautiful is Stephanie Okereke
Stephanie who has always admire becoming Nollywood actress right from her childhood (according to her) is a native of Imo state precisely Ngor Okpala.
Stephanie Okereke
Even when she was still in college, due to her ambition of becoming an actress, she was going to various auditions until her luck shine and was given a role in “Compromise 2? and “Waterloo” that won her accolades. In the year 2002, she contested for “Most Beautiful Girl Nigeria" and took second.

4. Omotola Jalade

Omotola Jalade
Omotola also known as Omo Sexy is a Nollywood actress and also a Nigerian singer. She was the first actress from Nigeria to star in a reality program. She is known to be someone with a humanitarian initiatives. She was rated as one of the top 100 most important individuals in the world due to her wonderful contributions to Nollywood.
who is Omotola Jalade
Truth be told, she's a true definition of what we called beauty and also have a humble heart despite her great achievements within and internationally.

5. Linda Osifo

Linda Osifo
Linda, a Nollywood actress and a television host in Nigeria was born and brought up in Toronto, Canada. She spent most of her adulthood in Toronto until she came to Nigeria to pursue her acting career in Nollywood. She has won some awards such as; the Miss Nigeria Entertainment Canada 2011 competition where she came first, Miss AfriCanada 2011 competition where she came second e.t.c.
who is Stephanie Okereke
Linda Osifo didn't just appeared on this list, she's really a beautiful actress with body shape that always catch the attention of every man that passes by.

6. Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic
Rita is a sexy and good-looking Nollywood actress. She's really blessed with beauty and everything that a man would ever asked for in a woman. She has a white sparking teeth, glowing skin, charming smile and lots more.
why is Rita Dominic beautiful
She has really done well for herself in the movie industry and has emerged to be among the richest actresses in Nigeria.

7. Fathia Balogun

Fathia Balogun
Fathia who has contributed earnestly to the development of Yoruba movie industry as well as Nollywood is a well known actress in Nigeria. She is really good looking and calm and never like to expose her body to the public. She is a well organized actress.

8. Regina Daniel

most beautiful Regina Daniel
Regina is a young beautiful and attractive lady that has really blown the heart of many men. Her beauty even attracted a very popular and rich senator (politician) called Ned Nwokwor.
how beautiful is Regina Daniel
She has given birth to two but yet looking so elegant and sexy as ever. She joined the Nollywood industry in the year 2007 and got support from her mother and siblings. After her hard working, she was featured in miracle child in the year 2010, a movie that brought her to spotlight. She has also contributed to humanitarian service by raising a foundation named after her. Regina Daniel foundation is dedicated to helping the cripples and other needies.

9. Adunni Ade

Adunni is a Nollywood actress and mostly referred to as half-caste. She was born in Queens, New York. She is a beautiful actress with high skills.
Who is Adunni Ade
She became famous due to her unique way of incorporating elements of Yoruba heritage in her movie roles. She studied Accounting in the University of Kentucky.
is Adunni Ade half-caste
However, as the future may have its ways, she ended up in the movie industry that brought her to spotlight. She also had a career in the US housing and insurance industries.

10. Mercy Johnson

Mercy is another popular Nollywood actress known all over the world. She is known to be a descent actress and fondly called mother by some other actresses and her fans.
who is mercy johnson
She is considered as role model to many. She is a lady blessed with everything a man could want in a woman. She is curvy, has backyard and even frontend view. Lol! She is wonderfully made and has also contributed alot to Nollywood industry.
mercy johnson is the most beautiful actress
Mercy is really a talented actress because there's no role given to her that she won't deliver to your expectations. She's currently among the highest paid actresses in the Nollywood movies industry and has earned herself many accolades and rewards.

11. Luchy Donalds

Lucy is a beautiful actress with a natural curvy shape and beautiful face. She is an actress that has vow never to go nude all in the name of acting no matter the amount offered to be paid.
Lucy Donald is the most beautiful
She so much respect her private parts that she is ready to turn down any millions naira contract that wants her to expose herself to public. Her parent gave birth to three children and she happened to be the only female and the first child as well. She's from Owerri, a capital of Imo state. She finished her primary and secondary school at Mount Camel Premier School and proceeded to Tansian University, Umunya, Anambra State where she earned a B.Sc in microbiology.
how curvy is Lucy Donald
She joined Nollywood in 2006 and her first movie was "The Investigator" that brought her to spotlight in 2014. She has also appeared many Nigerian movies alongside Nollywood actors.

12. Chacha Eke

Charity Eke, also known as Chacha Eke is a Nollywood actress that has starred in many movies.
how beautiful is Chacha Eke
Most of her roles required her to be in the crying part as she is really good at it. She was born in Ebony State, attended her primary school at ESUT Nursery & Primary School in Ebonyi State and her secondary education at Our Lord Shepherd International School in Enugu. She bagged a B.Sc in accounting from Ebonyi State University.
Chacha Eke most beautiful actress
Aside acting, she also made money from brand influencing. She is one of the actresses if not only her; that publicized online to give up make up and photoshopped images, and decided to embrace her natural self because people who look perfect on social media do not look anywhere close to that in real life. However, though she has given up photoshopped pictures, she is still considered as a beautiful actress, and her recent photos continue to generate controversy.


In this post, we are not trying to be sentimental. We picked based on what people have supported. Also, we are not in anyway trying to discriminate other Nollywood actresses beauty or appearances, but just trying to express people's view.

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