Top 11 Apps to Earn and Save Extra Money

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Making money aside your normal job or business can be a huge benefit as it will help to scale up or skyrocket your finances beyond your imagination. In this post, you will learn about different apps that can be used to earn and save extra money aside your normal jobs or businesses.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards program and app that allows users to earn points (called Swagbucks or SB) for completing various activities such as taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. The points earned can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks. Users can also receive cash via PayPal. Swagbucks is free to use and has over 20 million registered users. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Users can earn anywhere from a few SB up to several hundred SB for completing tasks. Swagbucks also offers daily polls and daily bonuses to maximize earnings.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten is a cashback and coupon website that allows users to earn cashback on their online purchases. Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten partners with over 2,500 online stores, including Amazon, Macy's, and Target, to offer cashback rewards to its users. To use Rakuten, users simply need to sign up for a free account and click on the store they want to shop at through the Rakuten website or app. The site will track their purchase and credit their account with a percentage of the purchase as cashback. The cashback can then be sent to the user via PayPal, check, or a gift card. In addition to cashback, Rakuten also offers coupons and promo codes for various stores, which can be stacked with the cashback rewards for even more savings. The site also offers special promotions and double cashback offers during certain times of the year.

3. Uber and Lyft

Uber and Lyft are transportation network companies that provide ride-hailing services through their mobile apps. Both companies revolutionized the traditional taxi and car service industry by allowing users to easily book and pay for rides through their smartphones. To use Uber or Lyft, users simply need to download the app, create an account, and enter their pick-up and drop-off location. The app will then display the price of the ride and the estimated time of arrival of the driver. Users can choose their preferred ride type, such as UberX or Lyft Line, for solo or shared rides respectively. Payment is made through the app, and users can rate their driver after the ride is completed. Both companies offer a variety of vehicles and ride options, including luxury cars, shared rides, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. They also have safety features such as driver background checks, ride tracking, and a two-way rating system to ensure quality and safety. However, there have been controversies surrounding Uber and Lyft, including safety concerns, labor disputes, and regulatory issues in certain cities. Nonetheless, they remain popular and widely used ride-hailing services across the world.

4. DoorDash

DoorDash is a food delivery service that provides on-demand restaurant meals delivery to customers in their homes or offices. The company was founded in 2013 and operates across thousands of cities in the United States, Canada, and Australia. To use DoorDash, customers download the mobile app or visit the website, and search for their preferred restaurant among the available options. They can then browse the menu, select their items, place their order, and pay through the app. DoorDash drivers, called dashers, then pick up the meal and deliver it to the customer's location. DoorDash offers different delivery options, including standard delivery, group orders, and DashPass, a subscription service that offers free delivery and reduced service fees for members. Customers can also track their order status through the app, receive real-time delivery notifications and ratings for the dashers. As with many delivery services, DoorDash has been criticized for its business model, which relies heavily on independent contractor drivers. This has led to legal and regulatory battles over the classification of drivers and their benefits. Nevertheless, the company remains a popular and convenient option for food delivery services.

5. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that connects people with local freelancers for tasks such as cleaning, furniture assembly, handyman services, and more. The company was founded in 2008 and is currently owned by IKEA. To use TaskRabbit, customers create an account through the website or mobile app, and submit a request for a task they need help with. The platform then matches them with local Taskers who are qualified for the task based on their skills, availability, and location. Customers can then review the Tasker's profile and ratings, and choose to book them for the job. TaskRabbit offers a variety of services, including cleaning, delivery, moving, and handyman tasks. The platform also provides a suite of tools for Taskers to manage their work and communication with customers, including scheduling, payment processing, and performance tracking. TaskRabbit has faced controversy in the past over issues concerning worker classification, as well as safety concerns related to allowing strangers into people's homes. The company has since implemented safety features such as third-party background checks, insurance, and customer ratings and reviews to address these concerns. Today, TaskRabbit remains a popular and convenient way for people to get help with tasks and errands.

6. Poshmark

Poshmark is a social commerce platform that allows users to buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes, and accessories. The company was founded in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the largest online marketplaces for secondhand fashion in the US and Canada. To use Poshmark, users create an account and can then list items they want to sell by uploading photos and providing descriptions and pricing. Other users can then browse the marketplace and buy items they are interested in. Poshmark also has a social component, allowing users to follow and share items from other sellers, as well as leave feedback and ratings. One unique feature of Poshmark is the Poshmark Parties, which are virtual events where sellers can share their listings and buyers can shop with like-minded individuals on a specific theme or brand. Examples of parties include Designer Handbags, Workweek Chic, and Athleisure Style. Poshmark takes a commission on each sale, based on the item price, and offers sellers pre-paid shipping labels to make mailing items convenient and hassle-free. The platform also provides authentication services to ensure the quality and authenticity of luxury items sold on the platform. Poshmark has become a popular way for people to make extra money by selling items they no longer need, while also providing a sustainable and affordable way for buyers to shop for fashion.

7. Foap

Foap is a photography platform that allows photographers to upload and sell their photographs to businesses, brands, and individuals who need stock images for their marketing and advertising efforts. The platform was founded in 2012 and is available on both iOS and Android. To use Foap, photographers create an account and upload their photos, which are then reviewed by the platform's team for quality and appropriateness. Once uploaded, the photos are available for purchase by companies and individuals who need them for marketing or other purposes. Foap splits the earnings from photo sales with the photographer, with the photographer receiving 50% of the sale price. Foap also hosts photo missions, which are sponsored challenges or competitions that provide cash prizes and exposure for photographers who are successful. Examples of missions include photos of specific themes, products, or locations. One of the unique features of Foap is the ability for brands and companies to request custom photos from photographers. This allows businesses to get exactly the type of image they need for their marketing efforts, without having to search through thousands of stock photos. Overall, Foap provides a convenient and accessible way for photographers to monetize their work and for businesses to easily find and purchase high-quality stock images.

8. Airbnb

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects travelers with people who have extra space to rent out. The platform was founded in 2008 and has since grown to become a leading online marketplace for short-term lodging, with over 4 million listings in more than 220 countries and regions. On Airbnb, hosts can list their properties, which can include anything from a spare room to an entire house or apartment, for travelers to book for a certain period of time. Guests can search for available listings based on location, price, and other amenities. The platform also includes a messaging system that allows guests and hosts to communicate before and during the stay. Airbnb provides a way for travelers to experience a city or destination like a local, as opposed to staying in a traditional hotel. The platform is also an opportunity for hosts to earn extra income by renting out unused space, as well as to meet travelers from all over the world. Airbnb has revolutionized the travel industry and disrupted the traditional hotel industry. The platform has also faced some controversy, particularly around the legality of short-term rentals and the effects on local rental markets. However, Airbnb is still a popular choice among travelers and hosts alike, offering a unique and personalized travel experience.

9. Field Agent

Field Agent is a mobile app that connects businesses with a global network of on-demand workers who can complete various tasks in the field. It was founded in 2010 and is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The app allows businesses to create jobs and tasks that can be completed by Field Agent workers, who are referred to as Agents. These tasks can range from price checks and store audits to mystery shopping and product demos. Agents are required to have a smartphone with the app installed and are usually paid a small fee for each task they complete. According to Field Agent, their platform provides businesses with real-time access to market data and insights, allowing them to make informed decisions about pricing, promotions, and more. The app is used by companies of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, across various industries including retail, consumer goods, and healthcare. Field Agent claims to have over 1 million Agents in more than 150 countries, making it one of the largest on-demand workforce platforms in the world. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is free to download, although businesses are charged a fee for each completed task.

10. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace that focuses on handmade and vintage items, as well as unique factory-manufactured goods. It was founded in 2005 and is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. The platform provides a global community of independent artists, designers, and craftspeople the opportunity to sell their creations directly to buyers around the world. Sellers can create an online store on Etsy, where they can list their products, set their own prices, and manage their own inventory. Etsy offers a variety of categories for sellers and buyers, including handmade and vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture, home decor, art, and craft supplies. The website also features a "Shop Local" feature, which allows buyers to find Etsy sellers in their local area. In addition to its online marketplace, Etsy provides tools and resources to help sellers grow their businesses, including seller training programs, marketing tips, and analytics tools. Etsy also has an active community of sellers and buyers, where they can exchange ideas, offer support, and share their experiences. As of 2021, Etsy has over 4.5 million active sellers and more than 90 million active buyers, making it one of the largest online marketplaces in the world.

11. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is a survey website that pays users for completing online surveys. It was launched in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California. The platform offers a variety of surveys to users that typically take 5-10 minutes to complete. As opposed to other survey sites, PaidViewPoint presents users with only a select number of surveys to take each day, resulting in higher payouts and shorter waiting times. PaidViewPoint also features a unique trait scoring system that allows users to earn more money by providing honest and consistent answers throughout the survey. The more honest and reliable responses a user provides, the higher their trait score and the more surveys they may be offered. One of the standout features of PaidViewPoint is its payment system, which offers users two ways to cash out their earnings – PayPal and Amazon gift card. Users only need to have an economic balance of $15 to request the payment. PaidViewPoint is well-regarded in the survey community for being reliable and trustworthy. Users appreciate the opportunity to earn extra cash while providing valuable feedback to companies. However, it's important to note that, like all survey sites, it may be difficult to earn a substantial amount of money consistently.

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