Requirements On How to Join The Nigeria Movie Industry (Nollywood)

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Nollywood is a popular epithet for the Nigerian film industry. It has been known that a good number of youth and citizens in Nigeria are searching for how to join Nollywood. This article will explain the easier and most realistic way of getting into the Nollywood and making a great career out of the movie industry. Nollywood industry is located in a vibrant city, Lagos.Nollywood films have a large following in Africa and among Africans around the world. They gained popularity during the digital revolution of the early 1990s when camcorders replaced 35-millimeter film cameras, and digital systems replaced celluloid as recording devices. This post will provide information on Requirements On How to Join The Nigeria Movie Industry (Nollywood) as well as other related questions.

The Nigerian Movie Industry (NollyWood)

The term 'Nollywood' was coined by the New York Times journalist Norimitsu Onishi in 2002 when he observed film-making activity in Lagos. The cinema of Nigeria, often referred to informally as Nollywood, consists of films produced in Nigeria; its history dates back to as early as the late 19th The industry is located throughout several major production centers like Lagos, Onitsha, Enugu, Asaba, and Abuja, It is known for comedies and dramas, Nollywood is now producing more genres like horror, period pieces, musicals, animations, and even nolly-noir at industry standard picture and sound quality . Nollywood was valued at $3.6 billion in 2016 and is projected to be worth $6.4 billion by 2021.

Brief History Of the Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood).

The creation of Nollywood started in the 1960s. The emergence of film in Nigeria began in the late 19th century. It was a time otherwise known as the Colonial It was when the first Nollywood movies were being created by historical filmmakers such as Ola Balogun, Hubert Ogunde, Jab Adu, Moses Olayia and Eddie Ugboma.He is credited with directing a variety of films that cover a broad range of subjects. The creation of Nollywood started in the 1960s. It was when the first Nollywood movies were being created by historical filmmakers such as Ola Balogun, Hubert Ogunde, Jab Adu, Moses Olayia and Eddie Ugboma. ("History,”) They are considered the first generation of Nigerian filmmakers. These pioneers started the Nigerian movie industry in a country full of citizens that looked to Hollywood for their entertainment. According to Britannica.com, Hubert Ogunde was a pioneer in the field of Nigerian folk opera. He created the Ogunde Concert Party also known as Ogunde Theatre in 1945. It was the first professional theatrical company in the nation. Because of his contribution to the creation of the Nigerian film industry, he is often hailed as the father of Nigerian theatre (Sheffer, Setia & Tikkanen). Ola Balogun is another pioneer that contributed towards the creation of Nollywood. He is credited with directing a variety of films that cover a broad range of subjects. He has directed films about politics, corruption, poverty, and music. Even though he is still in the film industry, his major passion now is not being behind the cameras but on stage singing. He ventured into the Nigerian music industry in 2001 and now travels around the world promoting Nigerian culture through his music. The cinema of Nigeria, often referred to informally as Nollywood, consists of films produced in Nigeria; its history dates back to as early as the late 19th century and into the colonial era in the early 20th century. today The Nigerian Film Industry (Nollywood) is globally recognized as the second largest film producer in the world.

Reasons Why You Should Join Nollywood Industry

  • Self-betterment
  • A job in Nollywood gives an individual one of the best chances of self-betterment. Every day, my job throws new and interesting challenges my way. Many actors have learnt self-defense techniques because their characters in a movie knew self-defense. That is just an example; many others abound.
  • Job satisfaction
  • Nollywood movies are usually interesting and contain certain morals. Even movies that are produced just to create laughs and fun also contain moral lessons the producers want to teach. Sometimes the message is obscure or ill delivered but the fact remains that most film makers are in it for the love of the art. Working in an environment where there is so much passion for excellence can give you a huge dose of job satisfaction. As a background talent (or extra), you get to meet and hob nob with stars and talented producers, directors, actors and marketers. Learning to be successful is now up to you. If you have a flair for quick learning, you could rise a lot faster than your peers and begin to earn tangible money.
  • Most versatile employer
  • Insiders in the movie and music industry in Nigeria (Nollywood) like to joke that we are the most versatile employers of labor in the economy. Poor educational background, lack of qualifications, old age, etc are not disqualifying factors for any would be entrant. It is not uncommon for a fifty year old retiree to walk up to us in the Actors Guild office in the town I reside and request for a form to join Nollywood.
  • Filling a vacuum
  • There is always space for you in Nollywood when you finally decide to join us. As long as we have people watching our films, we will always be employed and employing. Fact is that the people say they want more. I wish I had some smart empirical study results to back this but I don’t. It’s a street thing. They are still in every street corner, still carrying smoking hot titles with genres ranging from action to romance and epic films. Our music stars are not helping matters for the doomsday prophets as they are churning out quality material daily.
  • The pay is good
Getting a job as a production assistant, costumier or makeup artist, camera man or photographer on a movie set, is relatively very easy because the industry always seeks new talents to use. The more a particular talent is in demand, the better the rate of pay for the talent in question.The pay in Nollywood is actually very good. Average pay for a background talent is about two thousand Naira per scene. Applying one’s self as more than an ordinary background talent will increase your earnings.

Demerits of the Nigerian Movie Industry

  • Some movies can also create bad habits, make people greedier and can send a bad message to the public
  • Certain movies Profess Violence
  • They are strictly made for Profit
  • They sometimes establish false notions and portray certain subjects or themes in a way which is far from real
  • Children can access inappropriate information more easily

Importance Of Nollywood To The Nigerian Economy

Nigeria's film industry, affectionately known as “Nollywood”, provides millions of dollars to the nation's economy and numerous direct jobs. It provides films to millions of viewers around the globe, yet it still maintains an informal structure of street market sales and low-budget productions.

Criteria/Requirements To Join The Nollywood Industry

  • Talented
  • Talent is your number one priority because even if you manage to gain entry through other means, are you still going to persuade the audience to like your acting through those means? So, you got to be talented first if you hope to get in and get further. for you to know if your talented or not you need to ask yourself questions. Since money and fame is involved, it is natural for everyone to believe he or she is talented, that’s what we call self believe which sometimes is self deception too.
  • Lifestyle
  • There is an enjoyment going on in the entertainment industry all over the world. You will have the opportunity to travel to places get to meet great people in the society and attend some of the interesting events in the country.
  • Opportunity
  • Due to the popularity acquired through the entertainment industry. People get to see you perform live on TV including government officials and policy makers and see what you are capable of doing through the way you act. Many celebrities have been able to get political appointments in their states or at the national level.
  • Attend Auditions
  • Attending Auditions is the fastest means of letting producers spot your talent without delay.
  • Approach a Registered Talent Agency
  • Having believed in yourself that you are really talented, your final step is to approach a Legitimate Talent Agency in Nigeria and let them test you out. if you are really talented in acting, no agency would want to trade the opportunity of discovering a star except if they too are not talented at spotting a star when they see one.
  • Earnings
  • One would expect wealth because the Nigerian Movie industry is the third biggest in the world. Average Nigerian movie stars earn between N100,000 to N500,000 per role, while the big names in the industry earn between N1 million to N5 million depending on the name and the movie production budget. Real money actually comes from products endorsements and contracts that will come your way when you become popular. Some popular stars are currently being signed up for products endorsement by some other big companies in Nigeria. That is where the big bucks will come from. If you are really good as you claim to be, people must have noticed it in you long before now. You must have been featured in one local acting or the other, like the school dramas.

    Problems Faced In The Nollywood Industry

    • Piracy
    • Lack of Quality Control
    • Film franchise fatigue
    • Runaway digital piracy affecting filmmaker profit
    • Lack of government grants for short films
    • Tax breaks that don't help smaller film productions
    • Lack of access to content in different markets
    • Lack of Umbrella Association
    • The devaluation of film as a product
    • A house Divided Against Itself
    • Long Standing Lack of Governmental Support

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