List Of The Most Handsome Big Brother Naija Male Housemates 2021 Season 6 Shine Your Eye

JEROME MICHAEL EBRUPHIYO Thursday, July 29, 2021 Celebrities

Hi there! having discussed about the female housemates of the Big Brother Naija show 2021, we are now going to take a dive into the list of the most handsome BBNaija housemates 2021. Big Brother Naija is the biggest reality show in Africa with over 49 countries which tuned in and watched the season launch according to the organizers. The organizers said that they will cancel all audience for live shows and evictions, they also added that the presenter will host the sunday live eviction shows in an empty studio crossing live into the BBNaija house. This article will therefore provide a list of the most handsome BBNaija male housemate 2021, the most out-spoken male housemate and the most romantic BBNaija male housemate season 6.

1. Boma

Boma BBNaija 2021
Boma is one of the male BBNaija housemates that is into modelling, he is footballer and also an event planner. He loves athletics in general, watching football games and music.

2. Adeolu Okusaga

Adeolu Okusaga BBNaija 2021
Adeolu Okusaga is the second BBNaija male hosuemate for this year's edition on our list today. He is 28 years old and he is an engineer by profession.

3. YouSef

YouSef BBNaija 2021
Yousef is into modelling and he is a teacher. He is a graduate from the University of Jos.

4. Pere

Pere BBNaija 2021
Pere is one of the BBNaija male housemates that loves to keep his profile on a low. He hopes to meet with new friends and expand his archive.

5. Hazel Oyeze Onu

Hazel Oyeze Onu BBNaija 2021
Hazel Oyeze Onu also known as "whitemoney"is a businessman that is into the importation and exportation of shoes of all kinds. He plans to own his shoe brand at the end of the show.

6. Niyi

Niyi BBNaija 2021
Niyi is based in South Africa. He loves basket ball and sports in general. He is a married man with a child so ladies keep off.

7. Yerins Abraham

Yerins Abraham BBNaija 2021
Yerins Abraham is an Artiste and a medical doctor at the same time. He said that he is good at what he does as the result can be evident in his archivement as a medical doctor and an Artist.

8. Jay Paul

Jay Paul BBNaija 2021
Jay Paul is from Cross River State and I believe by now he has made acquintance with his sister from Cross River State.

9. Emmanuel

Emmanuel BBNaija 2021
Emmanuel is into modelling and his archivement is evident as he was once the Mister Africa. He loves fashion, music and entertainment.

10. Sammie

Sammie BBNaija 2021
Sammie is from Kaduna state. His hobbies include music, football and reading.

11. Cross

Cross BBNaija 2021
Cross is one of the BBNaija male housemates for this year's edition with a mindset of enjoying the show and making friends with every other housemates at his disposal.

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