How to Save Money on Groceries Purchases

Nuelson Penuel Tuesday, May 2, 2023 Finance

Introduction Groceries are some of the must buy items that every human wants in everyday of life. It therefore means it incurs a lot of expenses when it comes to buying these items mostly in a family more than one mostly in this era where food stuff prices are on rapid inflation. Hence, the need to know how to cut down the expenses is very paramount in order to help boost the family savings. Thus, in this post, I will be teaching you the most proving ways on how to save money on groceries purchases. Every tip listed here has been tested and proven to be effective but however, you have to apply more cautiousness to meet your own standard. 1. Avoid Impulse Buying Going to a grocery store with your children, partner can yield expenses you never planned for. It is advisable that you go and make purchase alone in grocery store as your children might not understand what it means to minimize expenses. Is better you take their orders from home and add them to the list of items you are to buy and carry the equivalent amount. 2. Buy Only Food Quantity Needed Food wastage can also contribute to skyrocketing of your grocery expenses. Make sure you buy quantity of food that can be consumed for the week in to avoid food decay and leftover. When you failed to know the quantity of food that is needed at a particular time, it will make you to overspend on food stuff. 3. List Out Food Items to Buy It is very important to list out the items you want to buy at the grocery store while at home. Check your store room or kitchen to assess the available items and the ones needed that are not available. List out your findings but only the items you don’t have to avoid overstocking of food items which might deteriorate after few days. It is highly advisable that you check your kitchen before going out to buy your food stuff cos is only this way you will know what you have and you don’t have. 4. Plan Your Meal in Every Cook Planning your meal before cooking will help you to save quantity of food stuff that would have been remnant which at the end you might consider disposing. Meal planning makes it very easy for you to know what your children or other dependents might want to eat and the quantity they might likely consume. It will also help you to buy only things that are required for the moment. 5. Buy in Bulk It is no doubt that buying food items in unit is more expensive than buying in quantity. Study the groceries you need and know that can last long for a period of time without deterioration then buy them in large quantity that you can finished before they will start deteriorating. For instance, buying a tin tomato in unit is expensive compare to buying of the complete carton. A unit price of this tin tomato might cost NGN120 why buying the full carton will reduce a unit price to as low as NGN90. By this significant difference, you have save huge sum of money that can be used to purchase another food item. 6. Use Online Grocery Stores that Have Coupons Coupons help to reduce the cost of a product. Some grocers running promos usually have coupons that you apply while making purchases on their site. Coupons might range from 5% to 50% off depending on the grocer and the quantity of groceries you want to buy. 7. Price in more than One Grocery Store Do not settle at one grocery store mostly if they are many in your area. Do a price around and it will shock you that what might have cost you NGN1000 in shop A might be sold NGN800 in shop B. So develop the habit of pricing in more than one store before making your purchase because while some grocers sell at high cost due to the fact that they at low quantity, some that buy at large quantity will be selling at cheaper rate to attract more customers. 8. Buy Produce Only When in Season Most produce such as farm produce are cheaper when they are in season. For instance, buying yam during its season is cheaper than when it is getting out of market. Produce that are not much in circulation tends to be more expensive as the demand will be very high hence making inflation on its price to be unpredictable. 9. Go Shopping Only When You Have the Strength and Time to Price Going to grocery store when you are weak and tired will make you to feel lousy and want to buy as quick as possible because all your body need that point is rest. Ensure that you are healthy, fit and strong to withstand the stress that might come up no matter the time is going to take you in pricing down to your budget. 10. Don’t Be Shy Most people feel shy when pricing. If you are feeling shy then get ready to pay more than what you are supposed to pay. Like some grocers, they tag the price of each grocery in their store but that doesn’t mean you can’t price. Some only put that because they know that there are some people that wouldn’t want to price when they see the price tag. But, I am categorically telling you to price and you will see that a token would be removed from the tagged price just to ensure that they don’t lose you as a customer and also don’t want to miss a sale in as much as your price is within their range. 11. Don’t Run After Food Recipes Most food recipes posted by Youtubers or on recipes websites requires huge amount of money to be able meet up with their ingredients. Do not go for recipes that the ingredients are very much expensive. Plan your ingredients according to your budget and avoid overspending on ingredients cos the total sum of money spent on only ingredients might shock you at end when you make your calculations. 12. Don’t Store Groceries that Easily Decay if You Have No Freezer There are some food stuffs that easily decay and requires freezer to froze them if all could not be used. So do ensure to buy only the ones that can be used at the point of need to avoid wastage. Very good examples of these are chicken, beef, vegetables e.t.c 13. Locate Grocers that Sell in Wholesale Prices There are some grocers that sell at wholesale price no matter the quantity you are buying. So locating such grocers will really help you to save some bulks for other purpose. Conclusion Good preparation can help you to save money on groceries if you think you are overspending. It only requires you to plan your meals, list down items to buy, check for items you still have in stock in order to avoid over buying, prevent impulse purchases, been calm and relax when going to groceries store, avoiding excess cooking of food that can’t be consumed e.t.c.

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