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There are so many needs for research in the area of web site design, hosting and its techniques. The hosting of web is becoming very important as many web designers would love to host their site for public access in order to see their concept blossom into reality, and also, as many organizations would like to own a web for advertising their products and doing online business. This seminar topic discusses things you will need when designing a web, definition of web, definition of web page, definition of web site, definition of web browser and its uses during web design, definition of computer and its uses during web design, prerequisites for building a web, terminologies associated with web design using html (hyper text mark-up language) and their meaning, hosting the web, definition of internet, definition of web hosting, techniques for hosting a web, getting your domain name, meaning of domain name, registering your domain name, identifying true and false domain name and reasons for hosting a web etc.


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