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Due to careless waste disposal, illegal waste dumping and accidental spills, larger number of hazardous compounds are released into the environment. Biodegradation diverse chemical waste and physical hazardous materials from the surrounding through the all inclusive action of microorganisms. The main principle is degrading and transforming pollutants such as hydrocarbons, oil, heavy metal pesticides, dyes and so on. This is carried out in enzymatic way through metabolizing, so it have a great contribution role to solve many environmental problems. Bacteria has the highest degradation of environmental pollutants by different bacteria. Several bacteria are even known to feed exclusively on hydrocarbons degrading bacteria. Although many are able to metabolize organic pollutants, a single bacterium does not possess the enzymatic capability to degrade all or even most of the organic compounds in a polluted soil. Mixed microbial communities (bacteria, fungi e.t.c) have the most powerful biodegradative potential because the genetic information of more than one organism is necessary to degrade the complex mixture of organic compounds present in contaminated area.

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