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It was the touch screen which initially created great furore. Gone the days when you have to fiddle with the touch screens and ends up scratching. Touch screen displays are ubiquitous worldwide. Frequent touching of touch screen display with a pointing device such as a finger can result in the gradual desensitization of the touch screen to input and can ultimately lead to failure of the touchscreen.To avoid this, a simple user interface for touch less control of electrically operated equipment is been develops. Elliptic labs innovative technology lets you to control your gadgets like computers, MP3 players, or mobile phones without touching them. A simple user interfaces for Touch less control of electrically operated equipment. Unlike other systems which depends on the distance to the sensor or sensor selection this system depends on hand and on finger motions, a hand wave in a certain direction, or a flick of the hand in one area or holding the hand in one area or pointing with one finger for example, a device is based on optical pattern recognition using a solid state optical matrix sensor with a tens to detect hand motions. This sensor is then connected to a digital image processor, which interprets the patterns of motion ad outputs the results as signals to control fixtures, appliances, machinery or any device controllable through electrical signals.


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