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Holography is "lensless photography" in which an image is captured not as an image focused on film, but as an interference pattern at the film. It enables the viewer to view a true three-dimensional image which exhibits parallax, this represents a recording of information from the light source. Projecting a hologram includes properties like Interference and Diffraction . Here the focus will be on the introduction and history of holograms , basic factors in which holography depends (Inference and diffraction and their effect on holography with variation in patterns and synchronizing basic holographic model ),basic projection by Helium-Neon laser on diverging lens the young’s double slit experiment plays a vital role in the basic holography prototype , types of holograms i.e. transmission , reflection and cylindrical holograms and there formation without using mirror through He-Ne Laser, holography vs. photography comparison based on their visual display and other factors , projection variation and several other factors, application of hologram like surgery of a patient in medical science using holographic interface and restoring sights using gene therapy and 3D projection glasses , globe playscreen and mapping and its future aspect with reference to modern world.


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