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Plants have been serving the animal kingdom from the very beginning of its existence on earth, particularly providing the animal kingdom with food, fuel and shelter. Each of these plants has been synthesizing a a large variety of chemical compounds and substances curry leaves known as kadhi path is a vital herb that belongs to the Rutaceac family and is native to Nigeria and the southeast Asia region. Inspite of having a feebly acidic and slightly pungent taste, dried curry leaves are widely used in Asian cusisines for flavouring foods. The medicinal values of curry leaves are (i) relieves skin infection, brighten the eyes sight, curry leaves for hair, curry leave take care of the heart and it also help in supplements. The side effects of curry leaves are: it contributes to stomach upset, low blood pressure. In conclusion curry leaves are an integral part and they also used to add flavor and lovely aroma to dishes. Moreover, there are many health benefits are improved liver, better eye health, good digestion e.t.c. it is hereby recommended that fiber content in the curry leaves may be good to the stomach and excessive eating of curry leaves may cause low blood pressure due to its active iron.


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