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Vegetable comprise an essential part o human diet as they are the major sources of dietary nutrients o great importance, consumption of vegetable has been found to counteract many of the chronic disease include: cardiovascular disease. Therefore recommendation for balance diet must include the consumption of fresh vegetable. Consumers in developing Countries have become more concern about the nutritional and sensory aspect as well as the safety of the food they eat, due to the growing health awareness, at the same time consumer demand for convenient product is increasing and so is the demand for pre-cut vegetables. Furthermore, pre-cut product is more susceptible to spoilage and can facilitate rapid growth of spoilage. Nonetheless, keeping in consideration the vast scope of fresh pre-cut product, this article intend to thoroughly review information about microbiology and public health risk associated with them. Discussion regarding different approaches to extend the shelf life and minimize the risk of infection association with their consumption is also included.


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