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The topic quality check management in a company with particular reference to Emeinte Company Limited was purposefully designed to x-rayed the operational strategies and effects of quality check management system of the Emenite Manufacturing Company Limited. The study become imperative due to increase in low quality output of many organizations, poor utilization of inputs (resources) inappropriate allocation of input and cost, and increased competition among products within the local and international markets. The methodology used for the research was the operational research method. This method was used because of involved the application of the methods of science to complex problems arising in the direction and management of large systems of men, machines and materials and money in industry like Emenite Company Limited. The data for the study was collected from the quality control department of the Emenite Company Limited. The data was collected thorough the primary sources like the use of questionnaires prepared by the researcher and secondary sources e.g. profiles of Emenite Company containing the products of the company and their qualities. The targeted population for the study was all the manufacturing and service organization within the country, while the sample population (size) was one hundred and twenty (120) workers randomly sampled from the quality check department of the Emenite Company. Data collected was analysed with chi-square distribution (X2) and at the end of the analysis, the following was findings: that i. The operational strategies especially on the areas of (QCM) of Emenite are more effective and efficiency, hence, their high quality products. ii. As a result of there the company was able to produce high quality product. iii. Also, due to there, their cost of their production was minimized, hence, effective and efficiency cost allocation. iv. Emenite Company also was able to use there to promote their sales, hence making more profits. v. Also, their (QCM) influences the behavior of their consumer by satisfying their needs, hence increasing their demand for Emenite products. Based on the findings, the researchers recommends as follows:- i. Good (QCM) should be encouraged and adopted by every manufacturing company. ii. More qualified personnel should be trained to handle the job of (QCM) e.t.c

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