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Government Corporation or parastatals are partly or completely financed by government. Some of these government funded parastatals operate in some private fashion. Government presence coming only in the form of control, directive and subvention. Example mass transit services of state or local government. This research proper is on the “problems of financing government corporation (Tracas as a case study) in carring out this research, I intend to find out the extent to which commercial bank finance activities of Tracas, to ascertain the effect of inadequate funding of the corporations to provide adequate security on the obtaining of loan, to determine the extent to which the high interest rate charge by commercial bank affect the loan securing habit of the corporations. In the literary opinion, I intend elaborate on government participation in public corporation, the rationale, financial problem of the corporation and inadequate funding and it impact on corporation. The research methodology of data collection, presentation analysis and hypothesis testing will be primary and secondary data and also chi-square method. It is expected that the finding will help to see the aspect of commercial funding of other corporation and TRACAS since lack of funding will militate against the operations of corporation. In the process of carrying this research, I am expected to face with some problems like time constraint, financial problem and unavailability of data. But inspite of this problems I will be able to gather some information which could solved the problem hampering the growth of the nation through the effectiveness of the government to Finance Public Corporation.


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