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This research is based on the economic effects of fuel scarcity in Nigeria. The research was carried out to find out the extent to which the entire population in Enugu metropolis has suffered due to fuel scarcity. The population used for this study is the workers of NNPPC, car owners, businessmen and women and the entire population of Enugu metropolis. The researcher used primary and secondary data which comprised of interviews and questionnaire to get information. From the data analysis, the researcher came up with the following findings: 1. The middlemen contribute to fuel scarcity 2. Transportation became high because of fuel scarcity 3. Fuel scarcity has led to rise in price of products in the market. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that: i. The government should hurry up with the maintenance of the broken down refineries in order to ease the problem of fuel scarcity. ii. Pipelines that led to the various depots should be checked regularly for any possibility of leakage. iii. In order to avoid fuel scarcity, escorts should be assigned to each tanker driver to avoid diverting of fuel to unapproved areas. iv. they should provide storage facilities so that even if brake down occur, there will still be available fuel to distribute to their various consumers. v. If fuel are being supplied to filling station owners, they should be checked to make sure that the fuel are sold to the consumers to avoid hoarding. vi. There should be a check by government to the seller of fuel to make sure that fuel are been soled to consumer at a government pump price.


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