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Malt products are commonly consumed in the town of Ozoro. The radioactive concentrations of six malt products (2 of each) were purchased from the town of Ozoro and its contents were analyzed using the NaI (TI) spectrometer. The radionuclides analyzed for K40, Ra226 and Th232. The activity concentrations for K40 was 0.001, 0.004, 0.033, 0.042, BDL, 0.046, 0.013, 0.060, BDL, 0.018, 0.035 and 0.108 for M1 to M12 respectively. The activity concentrations for Ra226 were 0.016, 0.015, 0.001, 0.030, BDL, 0.007, 0.037, 0.016, 0.005, 0.004, 0.027, and 0.004 for M1 to M12 respectively. The activity concentration for Th232 were 0.034, 0.031, 0.037, 0.003, 0.048, 0.007, 0.008, 0.033, 0.013, 0.020, 0.024 and 0.063 for M1 to M12 respectively. The results gotten from all 12 samples were all below the recommended WHO standard with M5 not having any reading for K40, Ra226 and M9 not having any reading for K40. Although the concentration levels of these radionuclides are of different levels, they also contain other radionuclides that make them suitable for consumption.


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