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The purpose of this study was to fine out motivation as a means of enhancing secretaries’ performance in organizations. In carrying out this study form research question was formulated, all derived form the literature reviewed. The study adopted he survey design and a set of questionnaire was used to collected data from a total of one hundred and thirty two respondents (132). The respondent was made up of personal assistants, secretaries, confidential secretaries and junior confidential secretaries from various branches of union bank Plc, Delta state. Simple percentage method was used to analyze the data collected from the questionnaire, in service training by organization enhances secretaries performance at work , especially motivating them to increase their productivity. The study also revealed are satisfied with the way management and fellow employees treat them (secretaries) to perform well. In addition the respondents identified some motivational techniques such as job enrichment, positive re-enforcement, salary increase, job security, high responsibilities and a good leadership styles. Based on the findings of the study some recommendation was made that will help the management in motivating their secretaries and conclusion was also reached.


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