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The study was undertaken to find out how IMB manages its loan syndication, a proper loan syndication management would have a significant impact on the profitability of the bank, with this view in mind a detailed analysis of IMB loan syndication management was carried out. IMB was selected as a result of preliminary survey which indicates that it is the only bank that was willing to assist in the study, and from adequate information gathered through the use of structured questionnaires and personal interview administered to the loan syndication offers of the bank. It found out that IMB has a specialized department that was specifically established to take care of its syndication functions. It was also found that IMB is risk conscious and so estimate the risk of a loss in any syndicated investment. It was also discovered that IMB insist on the provision of collateral as a securits before any proposal is made. Based on these findings and others it was recommended that IMB should enlarge its syndication activity and seek for new avenues in order to increase its profitability base and generate growth in the economy. Also it should take greater risk in lending, since this will help to increase total investment in the economy because more loan syndication may be granted even if prospective client are unable to provide collateral securities. And IMB should help client prepare realistic feasibility studies. It is also recommended that the time lag between when loan syndication is granted to client should be reduced.


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