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Investment appraisal in a depressed economy tries to center of how possible it is for business men to invest in the economy with it downward slide. It also looks at the different investment raise techniques that can be used in appraising the different types of investment questionnaire were given to twenty-five respondents of the study company. Cad bury who air there view bout the topic and though the response made by them, following findings were made. 1. The interest holders can be the director, shareholders employees, the government among others. 2. On the totality appraisal of investment has been discovered to head to effective planning & controlling of the enterprising scarce resources. 3. Delivering into investment, which can maximize the shareholders wealth. 4. That investment appraisal should be undertaken by any company that wants to from with the finding the following recommendations were made. 5. That investment appraisal should be carried out by any firm that wants to attain the height of a rising stain. 6. Knowledge of investment appraisal should be taught in the lower level of education to create awareness. 7. Schools should be enforced to carry out research based on the discovered of new investment appraisal techniques. 8. Companies should conduct in door training to boost the knowledge of their staff. 9. Government should help in the finding of the various research into how ways of appraising investment. 10. Appraisal should not take cognizance of only one method. A comprising of both the modern & traditional method should be undertaken. In concluding it was discovered that there exist basically two method which is preferable since it takes cognizance of the time value of money. In an economy like Nigeria where prices has a dynamic term, it because imperative to justify every kobo spent the appraisal ensures that return is maximized. Where upon after every analysis made, some of the respondent agreed that available techniques are out dated and needed being improved upon.


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