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The aim of the project is to provide information to the public on the “effect of bank failure in Nigeria” it is geared towards bringing to light some of the activities or services rendered by the banking industry bank failure causes and the effect to it. The project is made up of five chapters. The chapter deal with the interaction, this takes about the background information about the evolution of the banking system and bank failure. The seconding chapter deals with review of related literature in this topic high lighting different writing opinion concerning bank failure causes and bank depositors it also discusses the roles of banks in Nigeria economic development. More so the third chapter deals with the procedure and sources include background information population and sample construction of instrument the statistical method used in the analysis of the various data etc. The further chapter discusses the date analysis and interpretation it also spiffed the responses of the respondents from the various research questions. Finally chapter five provides the summary of the whole study recommendation conclusions and also area of further research.


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