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This research work is centered on Design and Implementation of Medical Duties Scheduling System using Ufor Hospital Ughelli as a Case of Study. The need to introduce automated system in medical sector cannot be over emphasized especially in the area of their duties scheduling to be able to fulfill the demands of their duties. Medical duties scheduling is a list of activities or things to be done showing the time or dates when they are intended to happen in a tabular form. In the course of trying to make this research work a successful one, the use of ASP.Net and VB.Net was adopted for the frontend design and coding, while the use of Microsoft Access was adopted as the system’s backend. Staff clocking was introduced in this system design so that defaulters of time can be easily tracked and assign punishment as well depending on the kind of crime committed. Medical Duties Scheduling System enables the user to track the where about of many medical personnel at a particular point in time and the problem encountered in manual preparation are being detected. Solution to the problems of Medical Duties Scheduling system is solved and recommendation made on how to maintain the system effectively.


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