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Online purchases from e-stores are getting popular among Internet users. Although many e-commerce activities, such as auctions, bargaining, and recommendation services are available, most e-stores lack clerk-like mechanisms to persuade potential buyers into buying products and to bargain with them for making a good deal. The objective of this research is to develop an online shopping system that permits a customer to submit online orders. The online shopping system presents an online display of an order cutoff time and an associated delivery window for items selected by the customer. The system accepts the customer's submission of a purchase order for the item in response to a time of submission being before the order cutoff time. The online shopping system does not settle with a credit supplier of the customer until the item (e-book) selected by the customer is picked from inventory but before it is delivered. Therefore, the customer can go online and make changes to the order. In addition, available service windows are presented to the customer as a function of customer selected order and service types and further, the order picking is assigned in accordance with a picker’s preference. This program was designed using ASP.Net technology and VB.Net as the frontend while Microsoft Access was used for the backend design. The research methodology adopted for this system design is system development life cycle model.

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