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Lord Mayor Is often quoted “if anything can be measured, it can be controlled”. Proper planning is one of the most important factors to be considered before embarking on construction exercise, the purpose of this project is to utilize the qualities of concrete and steel in the most economic way and also to design a structure that will not only be stable but economical to construct and design, bearing in mind that in engineering we design for safety and economy. This project work comprises of the different stages or procedures involved in construction work down to the DPC level, for mass concrete, a ratio of 1:8:10 was adopted, down to reinforcement where 12mm diameter bars were used as reinforcement. The introduction to concrete, types and properties of concrete (fresh and hardened) with emphasis on block, types of bonding and the other procedures were strictly adhered to in order to make this project a success, it encloses with summary, conclusion, recommendation, reference and appendix, the length of the building` Is 31m by 12m, foundation was dug at a depth of 750mm and width 450mm. The total cost of the project is #1,122,000

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