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Condition Factor (K) of Chrysichihys Furcatus in Ethiope River of Obiaruku in Ukwuani Local Government Area, Delta State


The condition factor of Chrysichthys furcatus from Ethiope River was studied from August 2021 to September 2021. The standard length of Chrysichthys furcatus ranged from 8.6cm to 14.5cm and the weight from 57.14kg to 133.3g. There was a high positive relationship (?=11.5cm) between fish length and weight in male and female (?=108.64). The k-value (k<3) indicated a negative algometric growth. The monthly condition factor (k) ranged from 75.15 in both males and females. The male to female ration of stomach content analysis showed that, callinectes amnicola (73.1%) and macrobarachium macrobraction (24.08%) were the important primary food components whereas sand grains (2.20%) was secondary whole C.furcatus show a negative algometric growth pattern and its attainable age is 0+ to 4+. The species thrive very well in the habitant considering the relatively good condition factor recorded.


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