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Bulk SMS Site in Nigeria

Emmason Bulk SMS is a reliable platform with the Fastest SMS, Cheapest and Most Reliable Bulk SMS in Nigeria. We make our SMS system easy for you to send customized bulk text messages to as many of GSM and CDMA cell phones within Nigeria and outside Nigeria, covering over 700 networks and many countries. We provide express bulk SMS to all our customers

Bulk SMS Partnership or Reseller

You can partner with Emmason Bulk SMS and have a complete sms website of your own as low as NGN10,000.00. You have access to your own domain name which you will pay for e.g Our system gives you 100% access to sell sms, view orders, manage your users, approve purchases, view transactions log e.t.c. The goof news is that you can work from anywhere and you start making the kind of money you have been dreaming. As a reseller, you can get sms for as low as N1.50k/sms unit and sell at your own price.

Mobile Numbers Database

So you have a lucrative business that you want to let everyone know about but you can't get access to their contacts? We have you covered here. Our mobile numbers database is now available, comprising of over 10 million phone numbers and also classified according to state and further grouped by their respective LGA. Easily target your location-based advertisements, campaigns, and mobile marketing activities in an effective way.

Need Reliabe Bulk SMS Site in Nigeria?

Emmason Bulk SMS is the answer to your quest. Our bulk SMS is considered the best for you because you have the ability to send SMS with your own customized Sender Name which in turn makes your customers to have trust in you.

DND Bulk SMS Site in Nigeria

Just to overcome the issues of DND numbers SMS delivery, we have upgraded our system to deliver your SMS easily so feel relaxed because we got you covered on DND subscribers.