Top 10 Juice Producing Companies In Nigeria

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Juice has become an increasingly popular beverage choice in Nigeria, as people recognize the health benefits and refreshing flavors it offers. With the rise in demand for high-quality, locally produced juices, several juice companies have emerged in Nigeria. In this blog post, we will explore the top juice producing companies in Nigeria, highlighting their commitment to using quality ingredients, innovative production techniques, and their role in promoting a healthier lifestyle.

1. Chivita Nigeria:

Chivita Nigeria is a pioneer in the Nigerian juice market, with a rich history spanning several decades. Known for its commitment to quality, Chivita offers a wide range of fruit juices made from locally sourced fruits. Their product line includes classics like orange, pineapple, and apple juices, as well as unique blends like apple mango and orange pineapple. Chivita stands out for its extensive distribution network, ensuring their products are accessible across the country.

2. La Casera:

La Casera is renowned for its flagship product, the La Casera Apple Drink. This carbonated apple beverage has become a household name in Nigeria, loved for its crisp and refreshing taste. La Casera has expanded its product offering, introducing other flavors like Ginger Lemon and Tropical Bliss. With its focus on quality and wide availability, La Casera has established itself as a leading juice brand in Nigeria.

3. Chi Limited:

Chi Limited is a prominent player in the Nigerian juice industry, offering a diverse range of fruit-based drinks. Their popular brands include Chivita, Chi Exotic, Chi Happy Hour, and Chi Ice Tea. Chi Limited emphasizes product innovation and has introduced unique flavors like pineapple coconut, orange pomegranate, and apple peach. Their commitment to using natural ingredients and state-of-the-art production techniques has contributed to their success in the market.

4. Supreme Juice:

Supreme Juice is dedicated to providing 100% natural fruit juices to Nigerian consumers. With flavors like guava, mango, pineapple, and orange, their products are known for their authentic and pure taste. Supreme Juice prides itself on sourcing the freshest fruits and employing rigorous quality control measures to ensure their juices retain their nutritious properties. Their commitment to natural and healthy beverages has garnered them a loyal customer base.

5. UAC Foods:

UAC Foods is a key player in the Nigerian beverage industry, offering a wide range of juices under their flagship brand Gala. Gala juices are made from natural fruits, and they come in various flavors, including orange, pineapple, and mixed fruit. UAC Foods' commitment to quality and affordable pricing has made their juices a popular choice for consumers across the country.

6. The Real Juice Company:

The Real Juice Company lives up to its name, producing pure and natural juices without any additives. They prioritize sourcing fruits directly from farmers, ensuring freshness and supporting local agriculture. Their product line includes classic flavors like orange, apple, and grapefruit, as well as innovative blends like orange pineapple and apple watermelon. The Real Juice Company is committed to promoting healthy living through their natural and refreshing juices.

7. Fan Milk Nigeria:

Fan Milk Nigeria is well-known for its dairy products but has also established itself as a major player in the juice market. Their flagship juice brand, Fandango, offers a refreshing range of flavors, including orange, pineapple, and apple. Fan Milk Nigeria takes pride in using high-quality ingredients and employing advanced production techniques to deliver products that meet the taste preferences of Nigerian consumers.

8. Just Juice Limited:

Just Juice Limited focuses on delivering 100% natural juices that are free from added sugars and preservatives. They offer a wide range of flavors, including apple, cranberry, peach, and watermelon. Just Juice Limited believes in promoting a healthy lifestyle and emphasizes the nutritional benefits of their products.

9. Happy Hour Drinks:

Happy Hour Drinks is a fast-growing juice brand in Nigeria, offering a variety of refreshing fruit drinks. With flavors like pineapple, apple, peach, and orange, their juices are known for their vibrant taste and natural goodness. Happy Hour Drinks strives to provide quality beverages at affordable prices, making their products accessible to a wide range of consumers.

10. Viju Industries Nigeria Limited:

Viju Industries Nigeria Limited is a key player in the Nigerian beverage industry, producing a range of juices under its Viju brand. Their juice lineup includes flavors like orange, apple, pineapple, and multivitamin. Viju Industries focuses on delivering not only great taste but also nutrition, ensuring their juices are rich in vitamins and minerals.


The juice market in Nigeria is thriving, with several companies offering a diverse range of flavors and promoting healthier beverage options. The top juice producing companies in Nigeria, such as Chivita Nigeria, La Casera, Chi Limited, Supreme Juice, and others, have revolutionized the industry by prioritizing quality ingredients, product innovation, and sustainable practices. As the demand for nutritious and refreshing beverages continues to grow, these companies are actively working towards providing consumers with delicious and health-conscious juice options, contributing to the overall wellbeing of Nigerians and promoting a balanced lifestyle.

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