Requirements On How To Join The Nigerian Air Force (NAF)

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This article will provide information on the requirements on how to join the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) and also provide answers to questions regarding Nigerian Air Force.

Brief History of the Nigerian Air Force

Although an Air Force was originally proposed in 1958, many lawmakers preferred to rely on the United Kingdom for air defense. But during peacekeeping operations in Congo and Tanganyika, the Nigerian Army had no air transport of its own, and so in 1962, the government began to recruit cadets for pilot training in various foreign countries, with the first ten being taught by the Egyptian Air Force. The Nigerian Air Force was formally established on 18 April 1964 with the passage of the Air Force Act 1964 by the National Assembly. The Act stated that the "Nigerian Air Force shall be charged with the defence of the Federal Republic by air, and to give effect thereto, the personnel shall be trained in such duties as in the air as well as on the ground." The NAF was formed with technical assistance from then West Germany (now Federal Republic of Germany following the re-unification of West and East Germany). The air force started life as a transport unit with the first aircrews trained in Canada, Ethiopia and India. The head of the German Air Force Assistance Group (GAFAG) was Colonel Gerhard Kahtz, and he became the first commander of the NAF. The nucleus of the NAF was thus established with the formation of the Nigerian Air Force headquarters at the Ministry of Defence. The NAF did not acquire combat capability until several Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 aircraft were presented by the Soviet Union in support of Nigeria’s war effort during the unfortunate Nigerian Civil War. On 13 August 1967, following several damaging attacks by Biafran aircraft, the USSR started delivering first MiG-17s from Egypt to Kano IAP, simultaneously sending a large shipment aboard a Polish merchant ship. Initially two MiG-15UTIs (NAF601 and NAF 602), and eight MiG-17s (NAF603 to NAF610) were supplied to Nigeria. Later six Il-28 bombers, initially flown upon deployment by Egyptian and Czech pilots, were delivered from Egypt and stationed at Calabar and Port Harcourt. The NAF designed and built its first indigenous UAV, the "Gulma," which was unveiled by former president Goodluck Jonathan in Kaduna, who, during that ceremony, acknowledged that the vehicle would also be useful in aerial imaging/mapping, telecommunications, and weather monitoring. According to him, the UAV was rapidly becoming an important tool in news coverage, environmental monitoring, and oil and gas exploration. The former President commended the men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces, noting that the potential impact and versatility of the UAV underscored the commitment of the Nigerian military to the protection of the country’s sovereignty and for helping to keep the nation ahead in military science and technology. On March 24, 2011, the new Air Officer Commanding of NAF Mobility Command, Air Vice Marshal John Aprekuma, explained the rationale behind the establishment of the headquarters of the newly established Air Force Mobility Command in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State as being part of the Federal Government's strategy to protect its socio-economic interest in the Niger Delta, affirming that the presence of the command's headquarters would bring about security and calm to the people of the State. On December 9, 2011, the Nigerian Air Force commissioned its first female pilot, Blessing Liman, following a directive to the NAF hierarchy by former President Goodluck Jonathan, for the service to start offering flying opportunities to qualified Nigerian female citizens, especially since women had long been flying civil aviation aircraft in the country but did not get a chance to fly in the military. In March 2014, the Nigerian Government approached Pakistan for the purchase of joint Chinese-Pakistani made CAC/PAC JF-17 "Thunder" multi-role fighter aircraft. In December 2015, the Government of President Muhammadu Buhari presented a budget to the National Assembly that included N5bn for three JF-17 aircraft. On March 28, 2018, 'The Diplomat' reported Pakistan as confirming the sale of three JF-17 to Nigeria. In March 2020, NAF Chief of Air Staff announced the delivery schedule of three JF-17 Thunder to be effected in November 2020. It is understood that the Buhari administration will expand the fleet of JF-17 fighter aircraft upon an expression of satisfaction by NAF Generals, with the performance of the initial batch procured. In December 2017, NAF formally announced that the United States of America had agreed to sell the A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft to Nigeria after the deal had previously stalled. The success of this transaction is credit to the persistent negotiation and diplomatic skills of the Buhari administration. In November 2018, Sierra Nevada was officially awarded the contract for the 12 Super Tucano aircraft for the NAF with an estimated completion date by 2024. On January 2, 2019, one Mi-35M attack helicopter from the Nigerian Air Force helicopter squadron crashed in Damasak, Borno State while providing close-air support for troops of the 145 Battalion combating Boko Haram insurgents, killing all onboard. The Mi-35 in the fleet of NAF are top of the range models acquired in the life of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari that had also ordered several Mi-171 and Agusta 109 helicopters from both Mil Moscow Helicopters of Russia and Italy's Leonardo Aerospace for the service. On October 15, 2019, the NAF winged its first female combat fighter jet pilot Flight Lieutenant Kafayat Sanni and first female combat helicopter pilot Lieutenant Tolulope Arotile. They were amongst thirteen other pilots also winged on the same day. In April 2020, Embraer reported the completion of the first set of Super Tucano jets out of the 12 on order with an expected with full delivery in 2021.

Nigerian Air Force General Requirements

  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens by birth
  • Applicants must not be less than 1.66m tall for males and not less than 1.63m tall for females
  • Applicants must be medically and physically fit
  • Applicants must be free of any previous conviction(s) on the criminal ground, by a court of law

Nigerian Air Force Requirements For Non-Tradesmen/women.

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 22 years by 30 June 2021
  • Applicants must possess a minimum of 5 credits, including Mathematics and English, in not more than 2 sittings in SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB
  • Nigerian Air Force Requirements For Tradesmen/Women

    • Applicants applying as tradesmen and women must be between 18 and 25 years of age except for those applying as assistant chaplains/ imams and drivers who must be between 18 and 28 years
    • Applicants must possess at least a lower credit in ND/NCE or any relevant trade certificates from reputable and approved government institutions/organisations, with a minimum of 2 passes and a credit in English in not more than 2 sittings in SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB
    • Applicants applying as drivers must possess a minimum of 2 passes in SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB, with a credit in English and a trade test certificate
    • Applicants applying as sportsmen/women are to present evidence of their professional experience which should include certificates and medals

    How to Apply for Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Airmen/Airwomen

    • Interested and qualified applicants are to apply FREE OF CHARGE online at nafrecruitment.airforce.mil.ng
    • Applicants are to apply once. Multiple online applications will be disqualified
    • Applicants are to print out the underlisted documents after completion of the application online: Local Government Indigeneship Form, Attestation Form to be signed by a Military Officer or Local Government Chairman, Parent/Guardian Consent Form and Acknowledgment Form

    Conditions of Service for the Nigerian Airforce

    Cadets who successfully complete the military training shall be granted the rank of Flying Officer.

    How long is Air Force training in Nigeria?

    The training involves 4 years of both academic and military training and one year of dedicated military training, which will lead to the award of a Bachelor Degree and a presidential commission to the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army (NA), Midship Man in the Nigerian Navy (NN) and Flying Officer in the Nigerian Air force.

    How much is Nigerian Airforce form?

    Nigerian AirForce recruitment is free of charge, do not pay any money to anyone in person or online If you do, you are at your own risk. All potential recruit of the Trades/Non-trades Men and Women of the Nigerian Airforce should apply free as all federal government jobs are free of charge.

    How strong is Nigeria Air Force?

    With a force of more than 223,000 active personnel, the Nigerian military is one of the largest uniformed combat services in Africa. According to Global Firepower, the Nigerian Armed Forces are the fourth-most powerful military in Africa, and ranked 35th on its list internationally.

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##15 Most Amazing Places in to Spend Christmas Vacation in Nigeria

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This post will provide information of the environment to spend your Christmas vacation which is worth remembering and also provide answers to questions regarding the environment to spend your Christmas.

List of the 15 most amazing places to spend Christmas vacation in Nigeria

  • Obudu Ranch Resort
  • In case you are looking for a vacation spot to help you get a long lasting bond between you and your spouse or family, then Obudu is the best choice.The Obudu ranch resort is one of the best spot for vacation for people seeking or looking for good vacation area to enjoy their holiday. It is an environment that gives a pure view of the nature. The resort is made up of a golf course, horse riding and water parkas well as night club and bonfires.
  • Tinapa Resort
  • Tinapa resort is a leisure resort found in the capital of cross river state, Calabar. The resort consist of children’s arcade, an 8-screen digital cinema, casino, retail and wholesale outlets for your shopping needs and an amphitheater.
  • Marina Resort and Cercopan
  • These two beautiful places are located in the tourist city of Calabar. Cercopan consist of rare and estranged species of monkeys and apes especially the ” blue bottom monkey” with over 100 species of them jumping around. It’s a place you definitely want to see.
  • Country Club and Abraka Turf
  • The Country Club and Abraka Turf is located along the bank of the serenic Ethiope River in Abraka, Delta State. These resorts consist of horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, catering services for people of different budgets, swimming pool and it also give a perfect blend of the nature. Country Club and Abraka Turf is expansive and well design with horses grazing on the lawn which gives every visitor to the resort with the feeling of calmness. The resort features first class accommodation and catering services for people of different budgets, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming in the mysteriously clear river Ethiope; the river is so clear that one can see fishes swimming in it.
  • Millennium park
  • Millennium park is located in Maitama district of Abuja. On entering into the park, you will be thrilled by the stylish hue that covers the entire park. A part of the park is kept and dedicated to maintaining green houses for different species of birds and butterflies, rainforest, deciduous forest, brushwood and mountain vegetation.
  • Wonderland Amusement Park
  • Wonderland Amusement Park offers rides, amazing arcadem, leisure gardens for recreation. This park provide Fulani Ranch that offers a variety of tasty local and intercontinental cuisines and clinic for treatment of minor injuries.
  • Yankari Game Reserve
  • Yankari Game Reserve is located in Bauchi State. The park is about 2244 square kilometers. The reserve provide a decent and affordable accommodation for visitors.
  • Oguta Lake Resort
  • Oguta Lake Resort is located in Oguta a calm town that is about 30 minutes drive from the ever busy town of Owerri. This resort offers a Golf Course with 18 standard international holes, cruise boat services, recreational park, standard lodging accommodation and restaurant. The most exiciting part of this park is the Oguta lake which is blue in colour and the Ulasi River is muddy with both maintaining its unique colour.
  • Rojenny Tourist Village
  • Rojenny Tourist Village is located in a village called Oba in Anambra state. This amazing resort consist of a zoo, suites, sporting facilities, restaurant, hotel, church, a mosque and a traditional worship center.
  • Olumo Rock
  • Olumo Rock has several spot caves some of which about 20 feet long and 25 feet wide. This rock consists of elevator, eateries, and many more to serve as a tourist destination.
  • Port Harcourt Tourist Beach
  • Port Harcourt Tourist Beach offers restaurants and accommodation for all classes as well as sunbathing sites. The most exiciting part is the live performances of Cultural entertainers add to the fun.
  • Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort
  • Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort offers recreational facilities and accommodation for visitors who wish to spend the night.
  • Jos Wildlife Park
  • Jos Wildlife Park which is about 8 square kilometers park is the most developed man made wildlife park in Nigeria. The park offer various attractions like a superb restaurant, picnic pine forest, video viewing Centre and it is a home to various wildlife species like lions, buffalos, crocodiles, hippopotamus, horses, ostriches etc.
  • Ikeja Shopping Mall
  • Ikeja Shopping Mall is located at Alausa in Ikeja, Lagos State. Ikeja Shopping Mall offers a 5-screen cinema Centre managed by silverbird and even shoprite.
  • Palm Shopping Mall
Palm Shopping Mall is located in Lekki peninsula. The mall consist of a 6-screen cinema and a parking space of about 1000 cars. It provide a well maintained environment for your shopping as well as first class restaurants.

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