List of Important and Relevant Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers

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While knowing how to answer general interview questions is certainly important, preparing for industry-specific questions is critical to demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of computer science and ultimately securing a job. This article provides a list of important and relevant Computer Science interview questions and answers

1. What is a file?

A file is a location that stores information and data. Files are always stored inside a storage device using the name given to the file. Files keep data and information permanently or until deleted.

2. What is a class and What is a superclass?

A class is used to define the characteristics of an object, such as how they will respond to a message and what type of message the object will respond to. A superclass is the basis of the class being considered.

3. What is inheritance?

Inheritance is the property that has been passed on from a superclass to a subclass."

4. What are the primary components of a computer system?

The primary components of most computer systems are the central processing unit, the memory and the input and output devices. The CPU is typically an arithmetic logic unit, control unit or both. The memory of a computer system refers to both the primary and secondary memory.

5. What is a chipset?

A computer's chipset is what controls the communication between all computer components, including the RAM, CPU and storage. The chipset denotes which and how many USB devices and high-speed components a motherboard can support. Chipsets are often used to control peripherals like the mouse, monitor and keyboard.

6. What is an operating system? What are the popular operating systems used today?

An operating system enables computer software to communicate with computer hardware. The operating system supports a computer's basic functions and allows the user to perform various computer tasks. Commonly used operating systems include Microsoft Windows, OSX and Linux.

7. What is primary and secondary memory?

Primary memory is the main memory of a computer that can be accessed via the CPU. Semiconductor chips are the most commonly used technology for primary memory. The secondary memory is an external storage device that can be used to keep data and information permanently. Examples of secondary memory include floppy disks, hard drives and USB flash drives.

8. What are the commonly used computer processors?

A few of the latest and most commonly used computer processors include Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i9, AMD Ryzen 5 and AMD Ryzen 7.

9. What is a constructor?

A constructor is the method or methods used when creating an object of class. Parameterized and default constructors are the two different kinds of constructors used.

10. What is an interface?

An interface is a reference type in the program Java. This type is similar to the class but also includes abstract methods.

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